Simmons Recliner Review – A Comprehensive List


Simmons Recliner Review – The Five Best Simmons Recliners On The Market

From mattresses to recliners, Simmons has you covered for any type of furniture needs that you could think of!

Operating since the early 19th century, their long tradition, coupled with an incredible lust for success, cordiality and hospitality has brought them to the top of the furniture world!

Simmons is widely popular for their mattresses but it is a little known secret that they have been meddling in the recliner business for quite some time.

We strongly recommend this brand if you are looking for a sturdy recliner that is gonna last you a long time.

In today’s simmons recliner review, it is going to be our duty to present to you the five best recliners that came out of the woodwork of Simmons ingenious designing team.

Sofa NameColorSizeMaterial 
The Wisconsin Beautyrest Rocker Recliner(Editor’s Choice)
Brown37 x 40 x 42 inchesFabricCheck Price
target="_blank">The Harper Rocker Recliner
Cocoa40 x 42 x 42 inchesFabricCheck Price
rel="nofollow" rel="noopener" target="_blank">The Hampton Rocker Recliner(Editor’s Choice)Marine41 x 37 x 42 inchesFabricCheck Price
rel="nofollow" rel="noopener" target="_blank">The Soho Cardinal Bonded Leather Rocker ReclinerCardinal42 x 39 x 41 inchesBonded LeatherCheck Price
rel="noopener" target="_blank">The Shiloh Granite 3-Way Rocker Recliner
Granite40 x 42 x 41 inchesFabricCheck Price

1. Editor’s Choice: The Wisconsin Beautyrest Rocker Recliner

Among all the Simmons recliners, this one absolutely takes the cake by a large margin.

From the inviting and broad design, to the quality of the fabric, staying awake on the Wisconsin is more of a challenge rather than anything else.

Perfect Placement Of The Handle

This goes beyond just the Wisconsin and holds water for most Simmons recliners; Their manufacturing team simply understands where to put the damn handle.

After all, if you can’t comfortably switch positions at will, what good is the reclining feature good for anyways?!

While sinking into the couch, simply extend your right arm, pull the lever and you’re only one step away from heaven.

This Couch Is A Freaking Tank!

Recliners have had quite the notoriety in the past for not being durable enough; A completely understandable notion, since their owners spent so much time on them, therefore accelerating the depreciation process.

Not with this one though, as the sturdy build extends beyond the visible eye.

By simply gleaming at the exoskeleton of the recliner, we can see the support from four sides, making a supple yet strong and impenetrable, square.

The secret lies in the distribution of weight, while most recliners have one or two main pressure points, this one has four, thereby making it at least two times more durable than the average couch.

Terrific! Isn’t it?

All Parts Made And Assembled In The US

We don’t hold any sort of animosity towards companies that decide to take their business abroad, but it comes as to not surprise that the US has and always had the best materials around.

The quality is simply a notch above the rest and it has been an ongoing trend, the research shows it and we confirm it:

By buying from home, you get the best for your home!

No Support For Southpaws

Among our crew, Jeff was the only to bicker about the recliner. A stroke of luck for me, as I had been struggling to find anything wrong with the recliner and I’ve been monikered as the Simmons recliner review expert in the office.

Did I mention that Jeff was left handed?

That’s right, it is a bit unintuitive for lefties as the handle is located on the right side.

I’m calling it right now:

The moment a company places two handles on each side of a recliner, it’s going to be an instant hit!

Plush, confortable reclining loveseat.
Switch Gears With A Simple Push Of The Bar!
Durable, built to last.




2. Runner Up: The Harper Rocker Recliner

A conventional Simmons recliner that offers great support, a heavily padded and cushy arm and a chaise that your back would kill for!

We do have a bit of a knack with the outside appearance as it looks pretty bland and uninteresting, especially for the younger generation.

The Padding Is Soft And Comfortable

Every reclining company has an ordeal to grapple with: How do we make a couch that won’t feel like broken glass when touched by the customer, yet still be durable enough to last a few decades?

This is something that they don’t talk about and for a good reason: It’s a damn hard trade-off to make.

Either its horrid to sit at or too weak to last long enough.

Here’s where it gets interesting: A loop-around has been found and the secret laid in the padding.

Instead of using cheap knock-offs, a lot of time and resources is being directed towards the ‘filling’

That’s why this couch can have it both ways.

Extraordinary Support On The Couch

Whether you’re in reclining position or simply need to rest a bit, you’ll always feel as if a Guardian Angel is holding you afloat in cloud nine.

It’s all thanks to the giant and heavily padded chaise, along with the spacious and broad design of the recliner.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve added a few extra pounds during the holidays, but the recliner handles them- and my weight, just fine!

All Parts Made In The US

You won’t believe the statistics and don’t worry, I won’t bother you with silly numbers or blind you with science, but do allow me to shine light on the fact that this year alone, 6% of the entire reclining industry moved its business abroad.

Now this might not seem like a lot but it is an ongoing and dangerous trend and it isn’t stopping anytime soon.

On the contrary, the surge has been expedite and soon enough, there won’t be any heads left to count.

The Recliner Isn’t Exactly A Looker

While the couch in itself doesn’t have any sort of tangible problems that are worthy the mention, it simply didn’t fit my fancy as it didn’t blend in with my living room.

The cocoa color is quite bland, even boring by some accounts and I just didn’t like the minuscule color choices.

While this caveat might be a tad bit too subjective, please do check if the recliner or couch you’re purchasing fits your living room, before making the final call!

quality at rates that are affordable to the masses.
Features integrated springs that helps bigger folks
Limited choice of colors.



3. Bronze Medal: The Hampton Rocker Recliner

The Hampton brings life into the room.

Its unique coloring pattern intertwined with the sleek and stylish, post-modern design, make it a perfect addition to any household that is in need of some action.

And we’re not just talking about your living room.

Largest Handle We’ve Seen

On one hand, you got me, a two-hundred pound bull and on the other, my wife, a tiny butterfly.

She would oftentimes experience problems while trying to get the couch into reclining position.

Simply for the reason that the handle was placed so low and that it was so small, she could barely reach it even when she tried her darnedest!

One of the biggest advantages of the Hampton Rocker is the comforting amount of people it can accommodate, not censoring vertically challenged people, in this instance.

The Power Is In The Legs

While the build is indubitably sturdy, the one thing many Simmons recliners and recliners in general fail to address is the support on your legs.

This is where the Hampton really shines as the double padded, extra furled and sturdy leg extensions serves only one purpose: To let you completely forget about life after a hard day on planet earth.

Not Just Wood, Hardwood Lumber

The padding hides the skeleton of the recliner, the one thing keeping everything shiny and stable. It was at this instance, that the Hampton surprised me the most: The bulky material being used will serve you a lifetime!

Lacking Adequate Space

And by adequate space, I’m talking about the eerie feeling I had while enjoying myself on the couch: I felt as if my thighs were cramped up together.

I mean sure, it might be due to my opulent weight, but still, a good thing to remember before purchasing this model.

Very cushy,
fuzzy feeling couch, ideal for couples
Attractive design goes well with any living room.
A bit smaller than usual.



4. The Soho Cardinal Bonded Leather Rocker Recliner

A great addition to your home or office space.

Especially recommended if you’re trying to build a small lounge for people to relax or just need a personal place where you’ll be free to let your freak flag fly.

Spacey And Comfortable

Even for a bigger man like me, this Simmons recliner was among the few that truly left me feeling without any qualms or quips.

The recliner also featured a removable back which was very much a welcomed option as not all parts are necessary all of the time.

It also allowed my wife and me to be a lot more ‘creative’ around the couch and find different uses for it, if you know what I mean.

Nothing Without Hardwood

No creaking and no cracking as we’re not talking about the generic cookie-cutter softwood most companies use.

The hardwood frame ensures that the entire build has some sort of ledger to it.

Perfect use of resources to ensure that even spots not visible by the naked eye are sufficiently covered.

Materials Made And Manufactured In The US

I oftentimes remark and insist on adding this as a pro to most recliners reviewed in our office. The reason for that is quite straightforward:

While it is a lot easier (and cheaper) for companies to take their business abroad, quality suffers in almost ALL cases where that happens.

That’s why there’s only one way to do things: The American way!

The Handle Is Too Small

The reclining handle is placed quite bizarrely on the lower ends and I can see how vertically challenged people might find it a hassle to switch positions.

A more elegant,
modernist design compared to the other choices.
Smaller size is ideal for more petite persons
Made of high quality leather
Only sits 1 person, might be a pro or a con.




5. The Shiloh Granite 3-Way Rocker Recliner

My prayers have finally been answered: A recliner for those that are on the larger side! Let’s take a peak at the pros and cons of this beast!

Frame Build With Hardwood

It’s no secret: Hardwood will beat softwood in terms of durability any day of the year. This has been an established fact for centuries and nothing much is going to change that!

A Couch And A Sofa?

Look at the size of that thing! You can truly feel like a king while dozing off after a tough day in the salt mines!

No Handles: A Button

I find this feature to be quite ingenious. Many recliners would get a bad rating from our team simply for not having a handle that is easily used and/or accessed.

This all changes by putting an easily reachable button that solves all ails!

Takes Extra Space, But Is Still Just A Sofa

This is something to be wary of while deciding in this simmons recliner review: I foolishly thought that I could fit two people, me and my wife for clarification, on there and save a buck or two by not buying a sofa.

Wrong decision, spoiler alert: We felt like stuffed sardines on that thing!

Very attractive design with a price tag that won’t break the bank.
A big recliner for big persons.
Limited choice of colors.




All in all, these Simmons recliners all had a unique gist to them; Something that makes them special and worthy of being included in this list.

Generally speaking, caring about the ins and outs is what gives Simmons recliners brownie points while reviewing them.

That’s what put them so high on the charts and why they continue to bring smiling faces to the many customers they serve.

Great company, great recliners!


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