Palliser Recliner Review – A Comprehensive Guide


Palliser Recliner Review – The Top Five Palliser Recliners On The Market!

Love them or hate them, you have to give respect when respect is due and when talking about Palliser, the word abundant simply doesn’t cut it.
From the moment of their inception, Palliser has been mesmerizing the world with state of the art designs, unparalleled quality and a reputation to kill for. It is certainly one of the best Sofa brands available.

Considering the facts above, it comes as to no surprise that they have been the leading force in the recliner industry for quite some time.
In this Palliser recliner review special, we’ll be counting down the top five Palliser recliners available for purchase.
In the reviews, we’ll employ a sophisticated concoction of different criteria which will serve to scrutinize the recliners to a professional level.
Let’s see which five of Palliser’s greatest managed to survive the carnage and emerge on the top of the pile!

Sofa NameColorSizeMaterial 
The Montgomery 41174 Rocker Recliner (Editor’s Choice)
Dark Brown or Beige39 x 42.5 x 39.5 inchesTop Grain LeatherCheck Price
The Michigan 40014 Rocker ReclinerClassic Sable or Sandstone36 x 40 x 39 inchesAll Purpose Smooth Top Grain LeatherCheck Price
The Sidney 41076 Loveseat Recliner (Editor’s Choice)Classic Sable or Sandstone39 x 66 x 38 inchesTop Grain LeatherCheck Price
The Vernon 43602 Rocker ReclinerGraphite38 x 28 x 39.6 inches
Top Grain LeatherCheck Price
The Dublin 42407 Rocker ReclinerHush Mushroom38.8 x 35 x 40.2 inchesSemi Gloss LeatherCheck Price

1. The Montgomery 41174 Rocker Recliner 

We like to call the Montogomery ‘A King’s Throne’ as it’s spacious and sleek way of appearance really speak to the casual onlooker.

It delivers a message of royalty and comfort on a different plane, that was our first impression of the sofa.

Available In A Multitude Of Colors

Visual aesthetics were a huge ranking factor in our review as not one home is the same.

With so many different tweaks and settings from which people differentiate their interior from others, NOT having the ability to choose a wide array of colors is a huge turnoff.

The reason for that is quite simple: One color might fit amazingly in one living room, and would turn up horrendous in another.

That is why this Palliser recliner ensures that all of your visual needs are met with two contrasting colors from which you can later build upon: Dark Brown and Bisque!

Switch Gears With A Simple Push Of The Bar!

Located on the right side (sorry southpaws!), the manual lever is naturally placed alongside your arms length;

Simply push it and direct it into reclining position in one fell swoop!

The same process is used to bring the couch back into its original position.

Exclusive Webbing Material Used In Filling Up The Recliner!

Nothing beats a comfortable couch more than a…? You guessed it! An even more comfortable couch!

After all, their main purpose is to relax out muscles and give us some breathing room from all the daily stress and anxiety.

Believe us, that will be the least of your issues with the Montogomery, as Palliser employs only the most vetted and tested fabric in the manufacturing process.

Sinking into this recliner feels like a gift from the heavens!

It Takes Two To Tango

The recliner does seem to have issues when multiple people (read: children) try to mount it at the same time.

You can feel its throes and its suffering, so it would be best to keep the sofa somewhere safe, away from any meddling urchins.

The main issue seems to be that it wasn’t designed to support more than one person and its weight, even when I took the liberty to invite my husband over for some private talks, we just couldn’t feel comfortable in this recliner.

There’s a reason why there’s only one king sitting on the throne.

Available In A Multitude Of Colors
Plush, confortable reclining loveseat.
Switch Gears With A Simple Push Of The Bar!
Durable, built to last.




2. The Michigan 40014 Rocker Recliner

Our first impressions with this particular model were overwhelmingly positive;

The design reminded us of antique times in conjuncture with the latest technological advancements in foam density, frame stability and support.

Under A Grand

Sitting just under a grand makes it one of the cheapest Palliser recliners, as most models and other brands don’t even try to entertain the idea of entering the three figure market.

Confident moves such as these made Palliser the company that they are today; Providing brilliance and quality at rates that are affordable to the masses.

What is really titillating in this entire mishmash is the fact that Palliser provides these sort of bargains while maintaining their quality, which is absolutely astounding!

The Cushions Invite You Into Reclining Position

Most marketers have a very narrow way of thinking: Consumer sits, consumer reclines, consumer happy.

That would hold up to some merit if the consumer in question was some sort of insentient being, which is evidently not the case.

The cushions, supported by soft-blown fiber, relax your back and neck, pushing you one step closer to bliss.

The only thing that’s left to do now is simply push the lever located on your right side and you’re ready to enjoy a nice evening!

A Bit On The Heavy Side? The Integrated Springs Are There To Help!

We receive a boatload of messages inquiring if there is a certain weight threshold one would have to lookout for when considering this model and our answer is always: No!

The reason for that is quite fascinating: You see, the built-in springs located just under the recliner are there to ensure that you’re offered superior support at any time and at any cost.

Limited Color Options Available

If there’s one thing that irks us, it is the fact that this marvelous recliner didn’t get the chance to experience a makeover or two.

With only Sable and Sandstone on the list, which are admittedly, more similar than not, you’ll have to look twice before settling for this model as if the color schemes don’t match with your interior, you’ll have to either remodel your living room or opt for another model!

quality at rates that are affordable to the masses.
Features integrated springs that helps bigger folks
Limited choice of colors.



3. The Sidney 41076 Loveseat Recliner 

A beautiful loveseat recliner that will blow your socks away, both figuratively and literally.

This is the type of sofa that brings back the spark in your marriage, a spark that has unfortunately disappeared a long time ago.

I know that it worked for me and for my husband and I can see it working for you!

Comfort Is Just A Push Away

Depending on who wears the pants in the relationship, he or she should be positioned on the right side of the recliner and simply push it into the right direction, enabling both partners to be transferred into cloud nine!

The entire system is very simple and straightforward: When you no longer wish to be seated in the reclining position, simply push the lever again and you’re back to basics!

Specialized Pillows Redefine ‘Relaxation’

If you didn’t notice already, let me shine light on the fact that the plushy cushions on both sides aren’t there just for show.

Coupled with the integrated bolster pillow and specialized pillow-top arms, they are here to truly make you experience leisure time in a new and fun way.

Simply close your eyes and let all worries melt away!

Hold My Drink, Please!

If you’re just about to show your partner or acquaintance a cool party trick but haven’t got any room on the table for your drink to rest, you don’t need to despair!

Palliser really though of it all by adding a wedge piece that serves as a cup-holder.

Want to know the best thing about them?

They are made from stainless steel, so you never have to worry about them deprecating before the couch, thereby destroying the entire visual appeal of the recliner!

More Colors Please!

We have always been preaching about the fact that recliners that offer more coloring options simply perform better on the market.

The reason for that is quite simple and it feels pointless to reiterate it so many times but this remains a rule to be taken into consideration:

Not every home, house or living space is comfortable with the same palette of colors!

Very cushy,
fuzzy feeling couch, ideal for couples
Attractive design goes well with any living room.
One of the most expensive choices



4. The Vernon 43602 Rocker Recliner

This is a very chic, modern looking sofa.Futuristic, captivating, sleek, professional.

And so much more.

Those are the first words that came out of the mouths of our dedicated team of experts during the process of mounting this simple, yet powerful Palliser recliner.

Seemingly innocuous at first glance, this sophisticated recliner will turn any room into a sophisticated office.

Its charm is irresistible.

Notice The Stitches?

Although they don’t really stand out in the grand scheme of things, they’re the main backbone of the sophisticated look of this small sofa.

Moving your fingers through the fabric reveals smooth and swift strikes, contemporary technology being used during the stitching process.

Think That The Seat Is Too Small? Think Again

One would think that the small frame would talk tales about the recliner itself, basically censoring anyone that has a pound or two in excess.

That was our initial notion as well, but once we’ve contacted Palliser, they’ve informed us that the seats are available in other sizes as well.

Simply perfect!

A True Showcase Of Creativity

What side are you on? The dark side, which promises cookies as a lure for joining or the good, white side, the side of all that is pure?

Choose between four different coloring styles, including Graphite, Stratus, Bisque or Storm.

Each and every style has a unique gist and forte to it, enabling the Vernon to be a perfect fit for almost any family.

A giant plus for the creative time, as they have recognized the consumers need for versatility!

A Bigger Seat Costs Extra

The old adage of ‘you get what you way’ seems to ring true in this occasion.

Even though other custom sizes, besides the contemporary 19’ were available, you would have to part with at least a hundred in order to have that wish fulfilled.

We don’t believe that the company should be scolded for such a move, but it is a notable fact and as honest reviewers, we find it our duty to mention it!

A more chic,
modernist design compared to the other choices.
Smaller size is ideal for more petite persons
Made of high quality leather
Only sits 1 person, might be a pro or a con.




5. The Dublin 42407 Rocker Recliner

The Dublin might look like a classy model from the 50’s, but it is so much more than that!

If you enjoy vintage scenery or consider yourself old-fashioned, this model is the perfect fit for you.

The one thing which makes it different from its predecessors is the fact that modern technology has advanced to such a level, that old and young are no longer in contrast.

On the contrary, they work together to create a state of the art machine, that still bears the waft of a time before all the technological ruckus.

A Huge Palette Of Colors Available!

Grey, mushroom, sable, sandstone… You name it!

Never be in doubt with your pick, as you have ample time and resources to compare and bring out the best in your living room by being handed the privilege of diversifying your choice!

Simply hover over the pictures and let your freak flag fly.

The Supportive Seat Is A Nifty Add-On

Not visible at first, but after glazing through the manual provided with the purchase, our team realized that the supportive seat is one of the biggest forte of this model!

Simply pull it out and use it for reclining or spare a place for your son, daughter or friend.

All that done with just a simple push and the best thing of all, it doesn’t take any extra space!

Spacious And Inviting Interior Thanks To The Contemporary Design

You will really enjoy all the spare room with this recliner, as the geometrical form ensures that all the right places are happily stuffed and filled with a plushy and soft filling!

The Handle Is Way Too Far Away

This won’t really be a problem for the giants among us, but if you’re a smaller person or vertically challenged, having to change positions just because you want to switch to reclining mode doesn’t seem too alluring…

Quite coincidentally, it defeats the entire point of the lever.

Very attractive design with a price tag that won’t break the bank.
A wide variety of colors available.
Not the most spacious loveseat available.




We saw some top-notch models in this Palliser recliner review special and we hope that you have now found the perfect fit for your home!

Just like Simmons sofas, all of them seem to have particular strengths and weaknesses, now that those were pointed out, it is YOUR turn to be the judge!

Which one of these beautiful recliners shall be given the pleasure of providing you and your family with the utmost of care and comfort?


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