Natuzzi Sofa Review – A Comprehensive Guide


A big Sofa is the most important piece of furniture in every home, office or any place that needs comfortable, plush seating. a good couch will also enhance the overall appearance of your home or office.

Whenever you would like to buy the most impressive and high quality of sofas, Natuzzi is definitely one of the best brands in the business, providing high quality and attractive furniture as per consumer demand.

Natuzzi, like Palliser as a brand is definitely worth a look for everyone looking for upscale, emotive design without breaking the bank. That’s why we have created this Natuzzi sofa review of their top 5 models so you can have an idea of what fits your living room and what should you pass on! We have also provided pros and cons to help you make the best choice.

1. Matera Collection Brown leather stationary sofa:

A gorgeous brown sofa available in several sizes. We consider the matera the best Natuzzi sofa available. it delivers the impression of comfort and luxury without the pricetag to match it! that was our first impression of the sofa.

Available in several sizes 

One of the great pros of this sofa is that you can buy it in several sizes.

With so many tweaks, settings, and spaces from which people make their interiors different, not being able to choose from different sofa sizes is a huge turn off.

Since every living room is unique, a loveseat might fit some, but might be too small or too big for another person’s living room.

So you have the options of Loveseat, sofa, and chair so that you are not burdened by size limitations!

Supple, High Quality Italian Leather!

One of the best features in this couch is the 100% genuine Italian leather .

As one of the main purveyors of Italian style, Natuzzi’s hides certainly provide that feeling of quality and softness when you feel them.

Through this natuzzi recliner review, you can surely able to know all the necessary details about this furniture for your home or office.

Every model sofa from this top rated Natuzzi brand is handmade by experienced craftsmen.

If you are considering this particular sofa, you can expect a very sturdy sofa that is built to last, it is also one of the most comfortable choices since the back and seat cushions are removable for better convenience.

Advantages:Whenever you are considering the advantages of this Matera collection leather sofa along with the natuzzi sofa review, they include:

The sofa is clad in dark brown leather which is a perfect choice for your living space.

Natuzzi’s leather is four times more durable than the normal fabric coverings. When it comes to the seat construction, The sofa uses squeak free webbing seat construction which provides consistent tension throughout the entire seating area.

This natuzzi sofa is also an environmentally conscious sofa with ISO 14001 certification.

Disadvantages:As it is made up of the leather material, this sofa produces more heat and it will not be fair for the summer season or the hot countries.

2. Rananto Off-white leather material sleeper style sofa

If you are looking for another top rated couch from this natuzzi sofa review, the Rananto off-white sleeper sofa is definitely worth a look!

this sofa in particular comes in several styles with different types of benefits and features such as left arm facing sleeper loveseat, 2 piece set, sleeper loveseat and also the right arm storage chaise.

The particular padding of the sofa molds itself to your posture and the shape of the user’s body in order to provide maximum comfort.

it then contains the capacity of returning to it’s original shape when the given pressure is removed.

It as well includes an easy opening mechanism in order to convert your sofa into bed within a few seconds. There is also the pillow storage in this specific model natuzzi sofa in order to provide the handy space for storing all your pillows as per the needs of the users.

This sofa model also includes the patented Greenplus memory foam mattress to provide you hypo allergenic and antibacterial properties.

In this natuzzi sofa review, when we are talking about the sofa’s extraordinary advantages including: This wonderful choice of natuzzi branded off white sofa offers desirable sleeper function along with the excellent modular adaptability.

The padding is 5 inches thick which guarantees quality and comfort. This sofa is the best choice for your living room with the dual purpose of using it as a sofa and also as a bed per your needs.

Even though the off white leather is beautiful and offers a very upscale look, it is the only color available and it gets dirty very easily!




3. Galileo Cream queen sleeper microfiber sofa


The Galileo is one of the newer natuzzi sofas. it combines a very upscale, bright looking couch with a very comfortable seating position and affordable pricing.

Here, you can get the new model of natuzzi leather review of Galileo cream queen sleeper microfiber sofa which includes various perks such as a very durable fabric material that provides you a very light, warm touch or a very supple beige colored leather. in short, it’s a very high quality and beautiful Italian style sofa that provides you world class comfort.

This particular edition of the Natuzzi branded sofa is offered in cream colored fabric or leather. Depending of the climate and temperature where you live in, it might be wise to choose the leather.

But if you are living in a hot part of town, it is better choosing the natuzzi sofa with the fabric material instead of leather in order to avoid unwanted heat in your couch!

One of the other great advantages of the sofa is it’s ease of use of the sleeper part. it is spring assisted so anybody could open and close the mattress under the sofa!


This is basically a two piece sofa that incluides both the sleeper and also chaise lounge which includes the storage compartment to store any of your necessary things. The sleeper is very useful and easy to open. and not much effort is required to open it!

You don’t need to remove the cushions when using this sofa as the sleeper. The choice of leather or fabric is given to the buyers and both are high quality choices..

According to this natuzzi sofa review, this sofa is available in various versions such as the three seater sofa with the sleeper and the normal sleeper sofa along with the storage chaise.

From among these two options, you can pick the best choice which suits your living room in the best manner.



As this is one of the bigger sofas in natuzzi’s lineup (80 x 39 x 36 inches), it requires more space in your living room. So it might be something to consider if you have a smaller living room.


4. Ignazio Anthracite leather motion loveseat

This is one of the signature sofas from Natuzzi and it uses 100% genuine Italian leather that provides you world class comfort when you sit!

This particular model is colored in Anthracite 15H Neptune. This beautifully designed Ignazio collection sofa also features an adjustable headrest and also a sweeping arm for the recliner.

According to most Natuzzi recliner reviews, this Italian designer sofa provides you the combination of a unique style and also a sensible price which goes well in any living room.

Besides the adjustable headrest and the plush leather, other features of the recliner are Electric reclining motion – so you adjust the recliner with the touch of a button which helps you get the perfect angle.

Electric motion headrest – It helps adjusting at the touch of the given button.

Beautiful styling – It includes the sweeping arm with the amazing seam detail that complements its beautiful shape.

Advantages: This Ignazio motion loveseat or sofa includes various benefits for the users.

In general, all the models of the Natuzzi brand provides an harmonious design, beauty of form, the tradition of high quality and also providing a very plush sofa for the whole family.

This Ignazio style sofa from Natuzzi actually embodies all the above qualities so that users can be satisfied with their purchase!

The ISO 14001 certified loveseat, is the most suitable choice of sofa for all types of homes and commercial places to provide a beautiful and clean look.

It is also a very tough, built to last piece of furnitue. The Italian leather used in this model sofa is very tough, ulike other cheap hides.

I’m certain that you will be impressed with this piece of art! one of the other great benefits of the sofa is that it’s a very neutral design so it goes well anywhere.

With loads of positive reviews and upscale features, this sofa is really the most suitable choice to everyone.

Disadvantages: One of the cons of this big boy is the lack of light colors. even though the dark leather might be fine for some, it certainly makes the sofa less versatile

Those customers who are all looking for the Ignazio motion loveseat with a beige or gray color, i would recommend another choice on the list!


5. Isacco Cream leather material stationary loveseat

Another very upscale design from Natuzzi! we are in love with this couch.

This Isacco style sofa Has 3 variants: Chair, Loveseat, and Sofa.

So you get several options depending of the space in your living room.

The color available is cream 15CI lemans with a solid wood base inside and the leather trim in the outside area.

This Isacco collection sofa from Natuzzi is in my opinion the best looking of all and also the highly tapered wooden legs provide  timeless appeal.

In the Isacco sofa you can also get either fabric or leather depending of your needs.

Like we talked about moments ago, the Isacco is available in Chair, Loveseat, and Sofa configurations.

Loveseat – This is the design we most recommend for this sofa. It is mostly for couples or small families. It’s not as bulky as the sofa but definitely more usable than the chair.

Chair – The chair could be a nice complement to living room that is going for that upscale muted colors look. it is not as  comfortable as the loveseat or the sofa since there’s less space so consider this when purchasing!

On this natuzzi sofa review, all of these three models of the sofa, loveseat or chair models from the Isacco style are strongly recommended for all home or commercial use as per the needs of the users.


Out of all the advantages that this Isacco natuzzi sofa has they incluide:

Leather or fabric covering – This sofa model includes a soft and plush leather material that is not only very noble, but it is also very tough and long lasting!

Tapered wooden legs – The hardwood pieces supporting the sofa is certainly the icing in the cake. the Dark wood certainly contrasts with the light colors of the couch.

Great styling – This Isacco style natuzzi sofa includes the great style with the understated design and elegant look in the seat backs.

Choosing fabric or leather – It is available in both leather and fabric material as per the needs of the different buyers. From these two options, you can pick any of them and they both are gonna provide long lasting durability and also the soft fabric to give you an amazing feel when you sit.


Whenever you are considering the disadvantages of the Isacco style natuzzi sofa, it doesnt incluide a sleeper. This model sofa is not the best choice for sleeping.

At the same time, there is no storage space inside this sofa model.


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