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Looking for the Best catnapper Recliner? Here are Our Top 5 Picks!

Everyone deserves some rest after a hard day’s work, but you won’t get it if you’re stuck with an uncomfortable chair. A good recliner is what you need, which will provide you with all the comfort you need to relax properly while watching TV, reading a book, or simply having a conversation with your friends and family.
But, how are you supposed to find a good recliner? Simply choosing the one that matches your home’s décor is not enough. The chair needs to be made of comfy materials but also to have the kind of design that will allow you to relax to the fullest.
Recliners have been around for a long time. Actually, the first recliner ever the so-called La-Z-Boy was patented in the 1920s, but the things have changed quite a lot since. Today, you can choose from a number of different types of recliners. Not that not all of them are equally good for everyone – you need to pick exactly the type that’s best for you.
Choosing the Right Recliner Type
Different types of recliners come with different functions, so your goal should be to pick the one that features exactly what you need. So, here are some of the most common types of recliners you’ll find on today’s market.
Rockers – As the name suggests, these chairs feature a mechanism that allows you to rock back and forward, which should have a soothing effect. This chair type used to be extremely popular among seniors just a few decades ago, but it seems that most people nowadays decide to pick different kinds of recliners, like lift chairs for example.
Lift chairs – These kinds of chairs were designed to help old people get up easily without too much effort. Basically, these chairs have a mechanism that rises up the chair, making it much easier for the seniors to get out of the seat.
Massage recliners – These chairs feature a built-in massage feature that can provide comfortable vibration in the lower back area and neck. Some of these chairs also feature heaters. In both cases, the chairs need to be connected to a power outlet in order to work.
Conventional recliners – By far the most popular type of recliners is the conventional recliner, a kind of chair that’s not just comfortable but also looks nice and can fit into almost any home. Actually, when people say the word ‘recliner’, they usually think about this kind of chair.
So, if you decide to pick this type of recliner, you won’t make a bad decision. Still, there are a few other things you need to pay attention to. Apart from having a good design, the chair also needs to be made of quality materials so that it would serve you well for a long time. Of course, the chair mustn’t be too expensive, as you certainly don’t want to spend all your money on a piece of furniture.
Best Brands of Recliners
Finding an affordable recliner that’s also sturdily built and extremely comfy is not that easy. The reason is that the offer is really huge. Unfortunately, a big majority of the products out there are not worthy of getting a place in your home.
Some people have a strategy for finding quality furniture – sticking only to the products manufactured by reputable brands. If you’re one of them, here are some companies that are famous for making top-class recliners.
Powell’s Furniture
This is an American company with a really long tradition. It was established back in the 1920s in the city of Fredericksburg in Virginia. The fact that the company has been around for such a long time is enough of an evidence of quality for some customers.
Although we can’t argue that the recliners made by Powell’s Furniture are great, we are not sure that they deserve their price tag. In fact, we believe that you can find much better deals out there. For example, a company called Best Master makes recliners of similar quality, but which cost less.
Best Master
Based in California, this company has been around for two decades, during which they’ve established a reputation as a manufacturer that creates high-quality furniture. The thing that you’ll notice first when taking a look at Best Master’s offer is that each piece of furniture looks pretty awesome.
The problem is that this company doesn’t specialize in recliners. Instead, they make all kinds of furniture. The result is that the lifting mechanism in their recliners might not be too reliable.
Jackson Furniture
If you’re looking for a company that makes recliners that are both reliable and affordable, you’ve found it! Jackson Furniture has been around for more than half a century, during which they’ve established a reputation as being one of America’s finest manufacturers of furniture. This company has been particularly famous for making top-quality reclining chairs.
Jackson Furniture is actually one of the most famous manufacturers of reclining chairs in America. This company rose to fame after they released a line of products called Catnapper. The reasons why these recliners became so popular is that they can also rock and swivel, not just recline.
Apart from being super-comfortable, the Catnapper recliners are also very sturdily built. Only the best possible materials are used in their construction, meaning that if you buy one, you won’t have to get another recliner for the rest of your life!
Best Recliners You Can Buy in 2018
The easiest way to find a quality recliner is to pick one from the Catnapper collection. Each of these chairs deserves your attention, but if you want nothing but the best, you will have to put in a little bit of effort.
Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you will have to spend hours learning more about recliners. Actually, the only thing you will have to do is go through our reviews. So, with no further ado, here are our top 5 picks!
1. Catnapper 45175222029 – Definitely one of the Best Reclining Chairs on the Market
If you’re looking for a recliner that also rocks and swivels, our hearty advice is to consider buying one of the products from Jackson Furniture’s Catnapper collection. The main reason why these chairs have our recommendation is that they’re built to last.
And if you decide to buy CATNAPPER 45175222029, you will get a durable chair that will provide you with utmost comfort. It’s not just due to the design of the chair that allows you to swivel and rock, as well as to open to a nearly flat position. It’s also because the chair’s cushions are super-comfortable. They’re made of soft outer material while the core is made of springs. So, the chair is basically as comfortable as a mattress.
Furthermore, Jackson Furniture did a great job making this chair as comfy as possible for those users who suffer from back pain. The contour of the seat will not cause you to feel uncomfortable in any way and can even help with reducing the pain in lower back.
Surely, the comfort is the most important thing when it comes to choosing the right recliner. Still, you surely don’t want to put an ugly piece of furniture in your living room. This is why Jackson Furniture paid a special attention to make this chair look classy. You can choose from three different color designs – brown, saddle, or green; all of which should look very nice in your home, regardless of your interior design style.
Reclining rocking chair
Super comfortable
Suitable even for those with back pain
Very easy to use (recline, swivel, and rock)
Nice design and three colors to choose from
Made of super-quality materials, thus very durable
Reasonably priced (especially considering what you get in return)
What Makes Catnapper 45175222029 a Good Choice?
The mere fact that we were unable to find a single bad thing about this product shows how awesome it is. Catnapper 45175222029 is definitely one of the best recliners you can find, if not the very best one. We guarantee that if you buy it, you won’t regret making that choice.
2. Catnapper 45175222029 – Super-Comfy Recliner Built to Last for a Long Time
Here’s another Catnapper that deserves your attention. The chair in question has the product name of Catnapper 45175222029 and it’s arguably even more resilient and durable than the first model on the list. Unfortunately, it also costs more. Still, even if it were two times as expensive, we would still recommend buying it.
Catnapper 45175222029 is, without any doubt, one of the most comfortable recliners you can find on the market today. It’s all thanks to the materials used for this chair, which feel very nice and cushioning. Furthermore, it features inner springs that will prevent you from sinking in, regardless of how much you weigh. Of course, this chair is also easy to control, that is, whenever you want to recline or swivel it, you can do it with a simple movement of your hand.
Easy to use
Super comfortable
Extremely sturdy and durable
Not very cheap
What Makes Catnapper 45175222029 a Good Choice?
Catnapper 45175222029 is all about this comport. This recliner will make you feel like a king sitting on his throne. On top of that, the chair is also superb in terms of quality and durability. Even if you use it on a daily basis, it’s fair to expect the recliner to serve you well for years or even decades. If its price was just slightly lower, we would have no doubts about which product is the best recliner on the current market.
3. Catnapper Teddy Bear – An Inch-A-Way Chaise Recliner
This recliner chair is ideal for those seeking comfort and plenty of room to just sit back and relax after a hard day. The Catnapper Teddy Bear was designed to be as comfortable as possible and comes complete with plush armrests along with an incredibly soft chaise pad seat. In addition, the elegant and stylish design makes this chair a perfect fit for any modern living room.
The Catnapper Teddy Bear measures 40 x 42 x 43 inches and comes in four different colors. The chair uses quality polyester for the fabrics and highly durable steel for the seat box. Equally durable are the sinuous steel springs found in the seat, which are designed specifically with flexibility and comfort in mind.
Features the specialized Omega Reclining Mechanism. This type of mechanism is not only guaranteed to operate seamlessly for a great number of years but is also one of the quietest reclining mechanisms currently available.
Plenty of room that allows even the tallest people to properly relax.
Quality materials all around and very solid construction.
The weight capacity (about 250 pounds) is not as high as one may think given the size of the chair. This also means that if you’re not too careful, you might end up breaking it.
Only comes with a 1-year warranty.
What Makes Catnapper Teddy Bear a Good Choice?
Despite the fact that this recliner comes with only a 1-year warranty, it doesn’t mean that it won’t serve you well for a long time. In fact, each product from the Catnapper line of recliners is known for being amazing in terms of durability. You can be sure that it’s gonna provide you with an ultimate sense of comfort for many years to come.
4. Catnapper Stallworth 4898 –Recliner with a Power-Lift Feature
If you’re looking for a very large chair you definitely won’t be disappointed by the Catnapper Stallworth 4898. The chair comes equipped with a motorized lift mechanism that can easily handle up to 350 pounds. The mechanism is powered by a heavy-duty motor and can recline as much as you need it to. This makes the chair ideal not only for relaxing and watching TV but also for sleeping.
The Catnapper Stallworth measures 48 x 46 x 43 and is available in two colors. This very sturdy chair is also extremely comfortable and features a padded chaise seat infused with memory chair. Meanwhile, the seat box is made entirely out of steel and the chair also includes metal mending plates to ensure maximum durability.
Very durable and can handle a lot more weight than many of its competitors.
Solid reclining capabilities thanks to the motorized lift mechanism.
Includes a handy side pocket that can be used to store things like magazines or remote controls.
Quite bulky and heavy, which makes it less than ideal for smaller living rooms.
Definitely on the costly side, though you do get what you pay for.
Only available in two colors, so you might find it difficult to make the recliner match your room design.
What Makes Catnapper Stallworth 4898 a Good Choice?
Well if you are looking for a recliner that will serve you for a long time, this one seems like an ideal choice. It’s tough and large, so it can be easily used by those with a bit of extra weight. Even its lift mechanism is pretty durable. You can be sure that it won’t break for many, many years.
5. Catnapper Winner – Extra-Large Rocker Recliner Chair
You’re certain to feel like a winner every time you take a break and sit in this very comfortable reclining chair. The Catnapper Winner features a contemporary design that makes it a very good fit for any modern-day living room. If comfort is what you’re looking for, you’re definitely not going to be disappointed by this chair as it comes with overstuffed arms, plush padded back, and plenty of seat depth.
The Catnapper Winner measures 37 x 33 x 32 inches and is available in four different colors. In addition to being highly comfortable, this chair is also highly durable thanks to its 100% steel seat box and heavy-duty spring system. In addition, the Catnapper Winner also includes the quiet and reliable Omega Reclining Mechanism.
Comes with a number of features designed for maximum comfort.
Lightweight and very durable.
Fairly affordable compared to many of its competitors.
Plenty of colors to choose from.
Its compact size means that it’s not really suitable for tall people.
Weight capacity sits at only around 250 pounds.
Only comes with a 1-year warranty.
What Makes Catnapper Winner a Good Choice?
This recliner didn’t get its name by chance. Catnapper Winner is the right choice for winners to take some rest after an exhausting day of work. The chair is super-comfortable, as well as very sturdy and durable. But, this doesn’t mean it’s bulky. On the contrary, the recliner is very lightweight, thus very easy to move around.
Final Thought on Best Recliners
Everyone deserves to get a proper rest, which is why buying a quality recliner seems like a good idea. This goes especially for those who are suffering from back pain or who need to keep their legs up due to some other medical reason. Buying one of the chairs from Catnapper is guaranteed to provide you with the comfort you need and deserve. So, choose one of these five and you won’t get disappointed!

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