The Best Loveseat Recliners On The Market Of 2018!


The Top Eight Loveseat Recliners On The Market!

There is no feeling that amounts to sitting down after a long and hard day at work, resting on the shoulders of your significant other, and just enjoying each other’s existence on a sofa.
That can oftentimes be a very uncomfortable experience as most traditional couches weren’t really meant to be used in cooping up against each other, but as a way to let multiple people sit in one setting.
With that being said, to avoid an achy back, painful tendons and to really be able to engross yourself into the arms of your spouse or lover, you’ll definitely appreciate a loveseat recliner.
These have been specifically designed to serve one purpose only; Provide the coziest and most relaxing experience between two souls.
It puts your relationship and you into perspective, bonding the two flagrant beings into an unbreakable union!

Quite coincidentally, as with all other products on the market so with the loveseat recliner, some of them simply perform better than others.
Whether it be the softness of the cushion or the smoothness of the surface, these little intricacies can make or break your time spent on bonding with your significant other.
That’s why we decided to count down the best loveseat recliners currently available on the market.
Having tested and vetted over 100’s of models during our course of existence, the choices we’ve made reflect years of experience and arduous testing.
Without further ado, let’s take the plunge right into the luxuriate world of loveseat recliners! We hope this reclining loveseat buying guide serves you well.

The Top Eight Loveseat Recliners On The Market!

Sofa NameColorSizeMaterial 

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Classic and Traditional Bonded Leather Recliner Chair
(Editor’s Choice)
Brown56" x 29" x 39"LeatherCheck Price
rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Top Grain Leather PU Leather Ergonomic Recliner Loveseat (2 Seater)Brown50.4" x 37" x 30.3"LeatherCheck Price
rel="nofollow" rel="noopener" target="_blank">Homelegance 9668BLK-2 Double Glider Reclining Loveseat with Center ConsoleBlack & Brown83" x 38.5" x 40"Bonded LeatherCheck Price
rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Flash Furniture Harmony Series Black Leather Sofa with Two Built-In Recliners(Editor’s Choice)Black & Brown64" x 77" x 38"LeatherSoftCheck Price
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Modern Two Tone Bonded Leather Oversize Recliner Living Room Set (2 Seater)
Beige55" x 34" x 36"Bonded LeatherCheck Price
rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Furniture of America Blake Chenille Love Seat with 2-Recliner Gray57" x 38" x 39"ChenilleCheck Price
rel="nofollow" target="_blank">Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Motion Loveseat Chocolate62" x 37" x 40"Fabric/Bonded LeatherCheck Price
rel="nofollow" target="_blank">" Homcom PU Leather Heated Vibrating Massage Swivel Recliner Arm Chair with RemoteCream33" x 35" x 42"PU, Plastic, Metal, FoamCheck Price

1. Editor’s Choice: The Classic Bonded Leather Oversize Double Recliner Loveseat 

The best out of the best always finds its way on the top of our charts! This simple yet broad and stylish recliner enables so much for so very little. it is definitely the Best loveseat recliner.

Let’s start with the basics: Not only can up to three people snuggle up on each other, which is perfect for dog and cat owners alike, but it also suited for those of a more corpulent body composition, leaving no room of discomfort!
Moreover, being made of high-quality leather, you will feel the smoothness running through your skin and relaxing each and every part of your body.

Your weary legs will appreciate the softness of the cushions and your partner will adore the heavenly feeling of just sinking into this double reclining loveseat.

This is simply the type of loveseat recliner that shoots you into cloud nine the moment you sit or lie on it!

An additional feature of this sofa would be the mechanized recliner option, ensuring smooth and easy operation over every step of the tilting process.

Watch your head sink and your legs raise, as you won’t even have to budge an inch to get transported into heaven!
The one thing which really put things into perspective for us were the arms and seats stuffed with very flexible and fluid foam.
Upon touching it with our hands, we felt as if every part of the couch was just a minor player in the game, making up something bigger, something whole.

It’s a mesmerizing experience and I would be lying if I said that I didn’t spend way too much time massaging this couch!
Lastly, the most appreciated thing about this loveseat recliner is the fact that there are zero mechanical skills required to assemble it.

You basically have to put a few parts together, with examples that are shown in the instruction manual and viola; You’re ready to enjoy the rest of your life knowing that there’s a couch that will always give you the time of your day (or night!)

Elegant design that looks much more expensive than it really is.
Very easy to assemble.
 Very comfortable materials everywhere.
The recliner opens up with nice fluidity.




2. Runner Up: The Top Grain Leather PU Leather Ergonomic Recliner loveseat (2 Seater)

The next couch on our bucket list, made with specialized PU leather leading to maximum comfort, has been produced and manufactured by one of the leading brands in the world of home furniture, VIVA HOME.
With that being said, we’re very excited to see what they have in stock for us, as we expect a lot from such a revered company.

The first thing I would like to further expand on is the PU leather, also known as bicast leather. Professionals in the field of all types of furniture know just how popular it is becoming in the industry, with many companies adopting it in the build-up process.
The reasons for that are many, starting from the fact that the surfaces are way easier to clean if they were to be blemished by misuse to having the shiny and glittery appearance that leather is so well known for.

Since this is a loveseat recliner after all, its automatic reclining feature was never out of the question, working tirelessly to make your day one to behold! i really liked the fact that every part of the usual ordeal was mechanized, the only thing I want to do after a long and hard day at work is to lean back and sink in to my couch.

That is the biggest forte of this loveseat recliner; Just lean back and watch the magic transpire in front of you! did we mention that you only have to push a small lever near the two resting arms in order to activate the footrest feature?

Talk about simplicity!

If I’m mentioning simplicity, I can’t go without broaching about the easiest assembly process I’ve had in years: I literally had to connect two pieces into one, and my loveseat recliner was ready for takeoff!

Watch as the two parts intermingle into a whole and picture your partner and you doing the same on the soft and polished leather, that will help you understand why this couch has been such a fan favorite.

Our only caveat about this couch and the reason why it didn’t take the cake is the fact that you don’t really have any room for more than two people. it’s perfect for those couples without any kids or pets but if you want them to join in the fun, we suggest heading back a paragraph and checking out our top choice!

The PU leather used in the loveseat is very supple and comfortable, and very easy to clean.
Very easy to assemble.
 Very durable and sturdy piece of furniture. made of quality materials and the PU leather is well suited for families with kids or pets.
A little bit smaller than usual, only fits 2.





3. Bronze Medal: The Homelegance 9668BRW-2 Double Glider Reclining Loveseat with Center Console

What a beast of a couch this is! Its magnanimous build is only overshadowed by the comfort it provides you and your partner with.

The beautiful, button-shaped, attachments located in the resting arm only serve to further bring attention to the immaculate design of this couch!

To top it all off, this loveseat recliner has quite the entertaining middle section, that separates the two seats from each other, creating a perfect, home-cinema experience.

Have you guessed it? That’s right, two cup holders placed adjacently next to each other, along with the nicely heightened rest arm, you’re up for a relaxing evening!

This couch is mostly made out of polyester, but leather can also be found in its construction, creating a much sturdier build when compared to the average loveseat recliner.

Another great thing to mention would have to be the gliding motion that can be activated while you’re not in reclining mode, enabling you to switch between the best of both worlds!

Lastly, if there are any sleeping bags or sheets standing in the way, simply store them at the integrated storage department located in the middle of the couch.

That way, it will be both out of mind and out of sight!

What made this couch finish third in this race was the fact that it wasn’t really providing my husband and I with the most romantic of experiences.

The ridge between the two seats seemingly created a barrier between us, making it not the unifier of souls that we were hoping it to be.

Nonetheless, this loveseat recliner excels in other areas, such as watching football games or TV series inside the living room, without having to worry about not being able to doze off if the opportunity presents itself. this is the best reclining loveseat for watching movies.

A great addition to every household!

Very sturdy loveseat. it is made mostly of polyester which is more resistant than other materials.
The loveseat has lots of storage departments for TV remotes and controllers. it even has 2 integrated cup holders.
Middle section makes cuddling with your significant other more difficult.
Materials could be a little bit more premium.



4. The Flash Furniture Harmony Series Black Leather Loveseat with Two Built-In Recliners

Continuing on with our extensive list, the Flash will take you in by a heartbeat!
The state of the art design, coupled with the powerful and filling tincture of the black color it has been bathed in, only tell us half of the story.

While this loveseat recliner isn’t all bells and whistles, it still shows its artistic prowess when you take a look at the immaculate way of the resting arms.

Underneath these, there lies a lever that allows you to be in control of the automatized functions of the couch, while not having to twist and turn just to find the control prompt!

The sleek surface makes the clean-up process as easy as taking a piece of cloth and running it over your coach, making it spotless like it was never used before.

Another thing that impressed us was how well thought out the entire concept of this loveseat recliner was: It was created with the lover in mind and it is a great way to turn a stale date into a raunchy session!

This is the power of the Flash, as it is there to transform your love life into something flashy and exciting to experience. this is the perfect reclining loveseat for a couple.

This model is best suited for couples and newlyweds, as it creates a bond that is difficult to break.

Life can oftentimes be stressful and sometimes, things are said which don’t have any place in a serious relationship and that’s where couches like these can make or break a marriage.

Simply lead your partner onto the loveseat recliner, let the relaxing component of the couch kick-in and set yourself up for a deep conversation about where your relationship is heading and what can be done to stir it into the right direction. This is definitely the best reclining loveseat for couples.

Some of the most profound and deep-seated experiences can be had in this couch and that’s why i recommend it so much!

Very comfortable for big groups.
 size of the loveseat makes it really useful sleeping.
Other than the color, the styling can be a bit bland.

5. Modern Two Tone Bonded Leather Oversize Recliner Living Room Set (2 Seater)

This is the perfect couch for the gentleman or lady that prefer things to be peaceful and quiet around the house.

This loveseat recliner is made for those that consider themselves to be introverted and wish to recharge their batteries after a long day of having to deal with people.

Just let yourself be consumed by the smooth leather, bob your head backwards and watch your legs rise as the moment you’ve been waiting for so long has finally arrived!

Close your eyes and revel as every problem of yours gets shut down, overshadowed by the amazing atmosphere create by only yours truly.

I could go on for hours but let’s try and keep thing on track.
The thick padding on the resting arms, coupled with the beautiful upholstery really lighten up the house and put things into perspective for any meddling neighbors.

The only rumors that’ll scatter around will be those of mesmerized onlookers and jealous friends as they watch you revel in the pleasures of this loveseat recliner!

There is only one minor disadvantage and that would be the inability to have multiple people join in the fray.

It is still possible to play with your significant other as the sturdy build quite the amount of weight but to really be able to get the most out of the experience, we suggest going for a bigger couch.

Design is very attractive. beige color of the loveseat is very showy.
Ideal for 2 smaller persons.
Loveseat is a bit small. might be a pro or a con.


6. Furniture of America Blake Chenille Love Seat with 2-Recliner

Furniture of America, now that’s a moniker I can get behind! To be perfectly frank, the moment I noticed the name, my excitement went off the charts and had to get myself one on the spot.

I didn’t even read the charts or the specifics, leaving it all to experience only after the couch arrived.

Here’s what I gathered from it; Upon taking a closer look upon the construction of this loveseat recliner, you’ll notice that the build is meant to induce nostalgia in the older generations, given the 50’s look it tries to replicate.

The best thing about the Blake Chenille are the richly filled seats and backs, meaning that you’ll always feel welcomed to rest on the couch, even years down the line!

You’ll also get a free decoration with every purchase that is either available in grey, as the couch itself or dark black, creating a versatile array of colors on this loveseat recliner.

It’s also very easy to operate this model as the only thing you have to do is lean back and wait for the automated reclining system to do the rest!

Upon trying the loveseat recliner out with my husband, I must say that our romantic moments got that much lengthier and feistier, which is all the reason more for this couch!

Although this couch is a bit on the smaller side, it’s weight tells a completely different story; With this being one of the bulkier models on our list, quality is never an issue of complaint.

Want to know the best thing about the couch?

While you’re at it with your lover, it won’t produce any alerting sounds to your nearby environment, so you can revel in the pleasures in complete privacy!

Ergonomic design of the sofa is very comfy.
 Retro styling resembles furniture from the 50s.
Chenille material is easy to clean and it is very quiet.
Not as plush as the other choices. loveseat is also smaller than most other choices.



7. The Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Motion Loveseat

A classic addition to your home that will no stone unturned. The biggest surprise when looking at the Coaster is the quality of the padding on the entire surface.

It feels smooth and it has a sinking feeling to it, as if the loveseat recliner itself invited you to join the bliss it bestows a user with.
The moment you lean back, the leg rest jumps up, putting you into a very comfortable position.

To compliment that, the arm rest located at the near ends of the couch are very broad and convenient for leaning on, leaving no traces or stains anywhere.

Since there is nothing dividing the two seats in this loveseat recliner, it is perfect for cuddling between a couple, it’s also good for establishing rapport with a new boyfriend and girlfriend.

The reason for that being the fact that this couch forces you upon each other, urging you to explore the nubile bodies you have been gifted by the graceful hands of nature.

The one thing I would mind changing about this couch is the way you get the leg rest back in their original position and that is by putting pressure onto them using your own limbs.
This could have been dealt with in a much more succulent manner, but it is what it is.

Elegant design that looks much more expensive than it really is.
Very easy to assemble.
 Very durable and sturdy piece of furniture. made of quality materials and the microfiber is very suited for families with kids.
Small design works well on small homes but is spacious enough for 5 or 6 people.
Styling is elegant but minimalist, which might not suit people looking for something more fancy.





8. The Homcom PU Leather Heated Vibrating Massage Swivel Recliner Arm Chair with Remote

This pudgy little couch might look small and standoffish, but only when you dare mount it, do you realize how stable this horse really is. this is the best reclining loveseat for gaming.

The most amazing thing about the Homcom is definitely the integrated heating function. Not many loveseat recliners feature that and if they do, it’s mostly done in an inordinate manner.
This is where this model outshines the other; The heat is distributed evenly among your limbs, torso and body, creating harmony in your vicinity and relaxing you to unprecedented levels.

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t inadvertently fall asleep one or more times on this couch, even if it wasn’t planned.
Remember to have an alarm clock ready if there are any important meetings or jobs you might want to attend to.
If that wasn’t enough, let me tell you a little something more; The eight vibrating areas integrated into this loveseat recliner make it even better!

Not only can you control what and where you’re being massaged but the intensity can also be modified to fit your current mood.
It also features two drink holders which might seem redundant at first, since it is designated to provide for a solo experience, but I can imagine having a can of coke on one hand and some Scotch Whiskey on the other.

The last thing to mention was the remote control. I never had to stand up or move my body once I’ve finally caught my groove, meaning that my blissful reverie never had to come to a halt!

The only reason why this couch isn’t higher up on our list is quite simple; It’s a small couch only suitable for one person, any more and you would most likely damage the fabric or the entire loveseat recliner on its own.

Heating and massaging function is wonderful.
Small design works well for people looking for a personal couch.
Some people might not like the materials used in this sofa.




Judging by our extensive list and considering that my Husband and I have tested over 100’s of loveseat recliners in the last few years, there were eight that simply took us by storm.

We’ve done everything in our power to present these pleasure troves in the most objectional light possible, however hard it sometimes may have been.

The commendable thing about this list is that it features something for everyone; The lone wolfs and introverts among us will be excited about the The Homcom PU Leather Love Seat Recliner while the nuclear family will find itself pleased with The Classic Bonded Leather Couch.

Although the choices in regards to listing the couches numerically was a tough one, we believe that proper research has been conducted and that our picks represent a fair and accurate description of the average user’s wishes, wants and needs.

To conclude, a loveseat recliner is a great addition to almost every household as you can choose your size, number of seats and integrated functions that go with it.

If you prefer a model with a heat function, we solemnly recommend the The Homcom PU Leather Love Seat Recliner while the The Classic Bonded Leather Loveseat Recliner is suited for the Luddites among us.

Whatever the occasion might be, having a couch dedicated entirely to you and none other to you is never a bad idea and in end, you’ll have to be the one to decide which one suits your needs and the needs of your tenants the most!

In the end, you’ll be rest assure on one thing; Your comfort and your level of relaxation will dramatically improve upon buying a loveseat recliner.

That is a given and nobody can deny you that pleasure, except for your own preconceived notions, which we have hopefully broken by now!




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