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The Best Formal Dining Room Sets


So you have some guests coming over for dinner? Well, then you must have done a fantastic arrangement for the feast. And while the deliciously cooked food is center of attention, the charm of the dining room is what attracts the guests first. So it is essential that you have a proper dining room set to make your home have an upscale and make everyone as comfortable as possible.

Don’t fret, because we have reviewed several formal dining room sets that we consider the best of the best. all of the dining sets in the list are really good, and there are choices for every taste. so if you are looking for a dining set with expensive woodwork or maybe something more casual, we have you covered.

1. ACME 04075B-SET Chateau de Ville 7-Piece Formal Dining Set, Cherry Oak Finish – The most luxurious dining room set

This name certainly had to be on the top of the list because of its mesmerizing quality and amazing finish. Sporting a Cherry Oak finish this particular option is surely one of the most amazing options when it comes to formal dining room sets. The entire collection features a complete dining set that is just a treat to the eyes. With superbly finished components, the moment you see the pictures and check out the table in real life you know that this product is what you have been looking for. What works for this assemblage are the dining set parts which includes a majestic Double Pedestal Table, a side chair, armchairs and the amazing cherry oak finish is the icing in the cake. The tremendous quality of this dining room set make this an amazing choice for your family.

Excellent build quality table and chairs make for a sturdy and long lasting set.
Cherry Oak finish that gives it a charming look.
Decorative crown and Woodward.
Decorative and exquisite work on the chairs and the table provides are delightful.
The overall product is very sturdy. Sturdy table, ball and foot claw makes it a wonderful for use.
Expensive set might not fit somebody on a budget.
Only available in cherry oak finish










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2. East West Furniture NAAV9-SBR-LC 9-Piece Formal Dining Table Set – The most popular choice

The whole set is one of the most popular and in-demand sets among the people. And why not? The amazing table comes along with an exquisite design, amazing round corners, and a double stand structure. This amazing dinner table set is certainly one of the best formal dining rooms sets with the amazing hardwood finish and is a perfect complement to any particular living room. And the best part about it is that you will be provided with a sufficient space for seating arrangements that are needed for certain family gatherings and events.
The finely created dining chairs have an extra element of luxury added to their structure with the addition of amazing leather seats. They allow you to feel like you are seating on sheer comfort. With flexibility and amazing comfort, this particular dining room set is certainly something that you must have or your dining room. For someone who is looking for a perfect addition to the dining room, then this product is the best choice.

A great and majestic dining room set with suitable components.
The dining chairs are of extremely high quality and have a Hardwood finish.
Sufficient storage space for large family gatherings.
No MDF, laminate or veneer in the items.
There are not many negatives that can be said about this dining but it does need to add some more instructions in the manual




3. Furniture of America Dallas 9-Piece Transitional Dining Set, Dark Cherry – Very upscale design for bigger families

The amazing and bold design of the dining room set makes it a popular choice among customers. There is something so special about this amazingly built dining room set that we had to include it in our list for some of the top formal dining room sets. So what is it about the Furniture of America Dallas 9-Piece Transitional Dining Set, Dark Cherry that it becomes the need for every single dining room décor? Well, to begin with, the robust and sturdy wooden finish of the product has got some appeal and quality attached to it.
Not to forget about the beautiful and majestic rectangular top of the table that is nearly 18-inch in length and provides the necessary dining space for large dinner parties and gatherings. The slat black texture of the dining chairs is completed with block legs and the tapered feet. And the dark cherry colour of the dining set is what gives a majestic look to the product.

The premium leather seats offer a stunning look to the dining set. An attractive option for sure.
Spacious and expandable top of the table makes dinner parties even better.
The dark cherry tones of the set blend amazingly with the counter chairs.
Can be a bit expensive for those who want an affordable choice.
The only con is that there are some scratches on the table top after a few months of use, however, the appeal of the product remains intact.



4. Chatelet European 7 Piece Trestle Formal Dining Set – White Washed with Weathered Brown Top – Amazing european design

An amazing and modern take on the old World Europe’s wonderful and grand design, the Chatelet Collection is certainly something that you would want for your dining room set. No wonder people are all crazy about the whole deal of formal dining room sets from the Chatelet Collection. The featured Acanthus leaf carvings that and the superb brown finish of the table top is a perfect complement to any dining room. The Wreath accents are known for lending that dramatic touch to the pearl-white double pedestal majestic table base. And the sculpted foot of the lion is just a regal addition to the splendid structure. Not to forget about the light brown colour of the table top that gives an elegant touch to the whole set. No matter what type of a chia you use, you can be absolutely sure that this dining room set will pull it off with everything.

The beautiful design and amazing finish make it one of the most beautiful dining sets.
Sculpted foot of the lion adds an element of charm.
Spacious and strong table top and base.
Silverware holder.
Very expensive





5. Bellagio English Style Brown Cherry Finish 7-Piece Formal Round Dining Table Set – The best rounded table dining set

One of the best additions to the list of amazing formal dining room sets would certainly be the Bellagio English Style Brown Cherry Finish 7-Piece Formal Round Dining Table Set. Known to be one of the most popular choices, it is no wonder that people always choose the best product and this particular dining set is one of them. And why not? There is nothing that is faulty in this amazing dining room set. The beautiful and elegant Bellagio Dining Room set is a round-shaped excellence and the chairs that come along with it are strong and durable. The product is the best for daily use. With a turned pedestal base and support legs, this option is certainly a good example of a perfect English dining table.

The entire dining is durable and strong.
The chairs are very comfortable and suited for daily use
The Faux leather upholstery is very elegant and appealing
There has been a consistent decrease in the quality of the product over the years.
The assembling can be a bit tricky.



6. East West Furniture LYAN7-CAP-C 7-Piece Formal Dining Table Set, Cappuccino Finish – The ideal option for people on a budget

This amazing dining room set is certainly a great choice if you have some guests coming over for dinner. The priceless rectangular and small table comes with a strong and clock type design and a splendid Cappuccino colour which is an absolute delight for the people. And the most amazing thing about this colour is that it can absolutely adjust to any dining room atmosphere and decorative style. The superb back-rest slats are a pretty view for sure. All in all the set offers an impression of the contemporary flavour along with a hint of sophistication and comfort. The luxurious and comfortable dining chairs of the set are padded or cushion type and are the absolute example of style and comfort. Offering inexplicable amount of relaxation, this particular dining set will certainly win your hearts.

The small build of the sets ensures that it doesn’t take too much space but it is still spacious enough for large families.
No MDF, laminate or veneer on the products.
The Asian hardwood provides an elegant touch to the set.
Might not be as fancy as the other dining room sets.





7. Medieve English Style Antique Oak Finish 9-Piece Formal Dining Table Set – Wonderful victorian design

Your dining room is a space that requires the care and attention, as any other room requires. And it is for this reason that you should the best dining room set for the room. And with so many options on the list, the one that can be considered as one of the top names is certainly the Medieve English Style Antique Oak Finish 9-Piece Formal Dining Table Set. The amazing quality and beautiful looks of the set has made it a popular choice for everyone. All you have to do is bring the set home and assemble and Voila! You have the most beautiful dining rooms set. With a superbly designed dining table and exquisite designs, majestic lion claw feet for the base and padded fabric seats for the chairs, this one is an absolute indication of elegance and comfort.

Durable and efficient for long time use.
The spacious design makes it an amazing option for large families.
The assembling of the parts is also a very easy task.
The Antique Oak finish complements every single dining room décor.
The cost of the set can be a bit of a problem as people with a limited budget won’t be able to afford it.





Cromwell Elegant Antique Cherry Finish Formal 9-Piece Dining Set
We certainly have some of the best options for your dining room. And it is only fair that your dining room gets the best makeover. And for that the Cromwell Elegant Antique Cherry Finish Formal 9-Piece Dining Set is a perfect option for sure. What works for this amazing dining room set is the beautiful look and the Antique Cherry finish that provides a touch of old elegance into the set. Now it is your turn to add a little bit of a dramatic tone to your dining room by bringing home this excellent example of grace and comfort. The beautifully carved table along with the splendid-looking pedestals and the amazing padded chairs are the perfect choice for any dining room décor. And not to forget the antique cheery look that gives the set a rusty tone.
With an amazing design and elegant style, the set is a total eye candy.
Durable and strong support system at the base.
The butterfly extension leaves are perfectly in style.
Spacious enough for large family.
There are no cons about the product by far.
Furniture of America Kathryn 9-Piece Classic Style Dining Table Set with 18″ Expandable Leaf, Dark Walnut
The rustic look of the beautiful Furniture of America Kathryn 9-Piece Classic Style Dining Table Set with 18″ Expandable Leaf, Dark Walnut in colour makes it an amazing choice for people looking for elegant dining sets in a reasonable price range. The amazing set consists of beautiful motifs on the corners and the sides of the table. These floral motifs are the perfect combination of beauty and elegance. The table needs no praise as the look of the classic structure instantly makes your heart feel warm. And not to forget about the amazing 18-inch expandable leaf that provides more space to accommodate more guests. An additional beauty is certainly the amazingly curved legs of the traditional feet of the table.
Spacious and strong for long-term use.
The beautiful design makes for a fantastic treat for the eye.
Durable and efficient in the service.
You cannot find a single disadvantage about the product in here.
So, here we have some of the best formal dining room sets that will make your dining area look elegant and beautiful. Make sure that you choose the right one.


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