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Welcome to Lilly's Craft Stores Mall!

Your Best Online Stores for Crafts, Home Decor, and Unique Gifts

At Lilly's Craft Stores Mall you will find a nice collection of craft stores from all over the US and Canada. There are some very unique items found in our craft stores. Most items are handmade and most stores allow special or custom orders. All the stores are individually owned and each craft store operator is in business for themselves. Many items are on sale at reduced prices!

We do not charge a sales percentage from any stores here. We only charge a low monthly or annual fee and then each store owner is free to list and sell as many products as they wish in their own online store. We hope you will check out the many bargains here and if you have a problem, concern or question regarding Lilly's Craft Stores Mall please contact us through the "Contact Us" button above and we will get back to you ASAP. Thank you for visiting our mall!

             Why Buy Crafts Online?

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